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Kathy Farland started “Stepping Stones” almost two years ago when, as a Foster Parent she realized that over 200 teens and young adults, aged out of the State of NH services including foster care, and were living under a bridge in her NH home town. These kids were homeless, penniless and without direction. This spring, while their cohorts were planning to attend proms and graduations, these teens were just trying to survive on the streets with no adults there to support them.

This administration, GFWC NH is already participating with Kathy Farland to raise funds and bring recognition to this need. We are starting to make a difference with Kathy’s efforts!

The efforts are quickly growing: Our President’s Project Chairman, Chrystina Moran is brilliant at networking has already brought together other women in this community to give hairdressing services, business development services and resume writing services to these teens. So far Chrystina’s professional contacts are looking to join local GFWC Clubs as they were impressed with Kathy and how GFWC NH was willing to assist. The GFWC NH Arts Co Chairmen, Sheila Casey and Mary Ryan are in the planning stages of assisting Kathy to bring Arts training and creative writing instruction to Stepping Stones this Winter. Kathy Farland’s accomplishments are only two years in the making, however in those 2 years, she has assisted almost 100 teens to survive and find hope with 4 of them enrolled in college this year! Something to celebrate! See: for more information about Stepping Stones. Contact Chrystina Moran [email protected] . For More Information on how you can help.