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One of the oldest non-partisan and non-denominational women’s service organizations in the world. GFWC unites diverse women in a single goal to improve the lives of others.

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2018-2020 GFWC-NH

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Nurturing Good Mental Health Through Awareness

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Investing in our future through membership and leadership

GFWC NH 2018-2020 Installation Speech from Annual Meeting

My journey started in 2007 when I first attended a GFWC club meeting. What totally inspired me about this organization was a bus trip to Washington DC in 2010 sponsored by the State to bring GFWC history to Headquarters to be archived. We toured headquarters and I learned the rich history of the General Federation of Women’s Club. I knew then I wanted to make my mark in this organization. I went to my first International Convention also that year in Omaha Nebraska and my passion and knowledge continued to grow. In 2011 I was New Hampshire’s LEADS Candidate and my fate was sealed. 

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Have you been informed of the various things our many devoted club chairman are sharing with us? Make sure to check for items available to Club Presidents at state meetings. If you have any questions about a program or advancement guide, contact the State Chairman responsible and they will help you.

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