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One of the oldest non-partisan and non-denominational women’s service organizations in the world. GFWC unites diverse women in a single goal to improve the lives of others.

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Dearest GFWC NH Club Members,

As you may be aware, GFWC NH was admitted to the GFWC International Federation on Nov. 13, 1895.  That means we are celebrating 125 years as a Federated Organization in November 2020! 

What an accomplishment, one we should all be proud of.

As part of the celebration, GFWC NH is holding a 125th Fundraising Campaign.  We are asking members to donate to continue their support of our amazing organization.

Please consider a donation to GFWC NH in any denomination of 125, i.e:  $1.25, $12.50, $125.00, or even $1,250.00!  Make the donation as an individual member, or as a club.

We will be collecting donations for the whole month of November.  Let’s celebrate 125 years of volunteering, leadership, and making a difference in our communities!

Please send your donations to GFWC-NH Treasurer, Pam Conary (mailing address in yearbook).

Tina Smith

GFWC NH Fundraising & Development Chairman

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