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The human body, mind, and spirit comprise our health and wellness.  To improve our well being, we must address three key components:   nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care.  This Community Service Program aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas. 

Get Inspired with "Grassroots" Projects

Health & Wellness

  • Share information with club and community members about making wise food choices. 
  • Host a community workshop and/or taste testing that provides healthy recipes and handouts on nutrition.
  • Celebrate National Nutrition Month in March with a healthy potluck dinner at your club's monthly meeting. 
  • Hold a "Healthy Food Drive," requesting donors to contribute nutritious foods from Feeding America's Healthy Food Donation List. 
  • Establish a school or community garden or expand an existing school garden to provide fresh and nutritious produce for local soup kitchens and food pantries. 
  • Support and/or sponsor immunizations programs at home and abroad. 
  • Recognize National Immunization Awareness Month in August. 
  • Share information with club and community members on various topics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such as disease and conditions, healthy livings, traveler's health, emergency preparedness , and more.
  • Share information about the early signs and symptoms of diabetes in children and adults. 
  • Post and/or share information on the safe disposal of unwanted medications and the location of local medication disposal drop boxes. 
  • Adopt a classroom ad donate physical exercise ":take a break" items such as jump ropes  hula hoops, balls, etc. 
  • Partner with a local assisted living home to provide senior exercise equipment suh as leg pedaling machines, resistance bands, and/or yoga mats. 
  • Learn and share the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of someone in danger of suicide, as outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health. 
  • Educate, advocate, and/or donate during Mental Health Awareness month in May. 
  • Offer resources and/or promote programs that prevent bullying, so children  and youth are safeguarded and supported at school, in the community, and online. 
  • And many more provided in Club Manual. 
(This list is brief offering of project ideas. Please visit Club Manual for other grassroots projects and/or programs as well as those with Affiliated Organizations or Resources.)

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