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Creating effective ways to communicate with your membership is crucial to the health of your club, state or region.  It’s important to know how your members like to receive information…in print, or electronically?  You may want to survey them. Are they open to change? If not, it may be important to create a mix, of old and new.

Three basic club communication strategies:  Newsletters, Email and your club website. Additionally, social media, text messaging and virtual meetings are also vital to providing your club members with news and upcoming events/


One of the most efficient methods of informing GFWC members about projects, programs, events, partnerships, and issued.

  • Appoint a newsletter chairman for your club
  • Identify a layout and format that works best for your membership and budget.  Remember to ask your members what THEY Want!
  • Include information distributed from all levels of GFWC leadership
  • Always provide club contact information.


There are many email marketing platforms out there!  Mail Chimp and Contact Contact are very helpful for mailing to large numbers at one time.


Your club website is the public’s first and last impression of you and your members.  It is always open, 24/7 for all to see, so please make sure it is up to date and that it contains fresh and timely contents.  Also-SHOW what you do for your community!  Make visitors to your site want to be part of your club!

  • Appoint website chairman for your club
  • Link to and to show that your club is part of GFWC
  • Develop a plan for updating the website and share the responsibilities for writing new content.
  • Promote your website on social media posts and include website address in printed materials.
  • If your club doesn’t have a website, you can develop your page on with the help of Henry on the Admin Sports or contact Dolores VanBlarcom-GFWC-NH Webmaster.


There are many reasons to consider a virtual meeting for your club, district, or other types of meetings.  Here are some of the most common.

  • Facetime-requires iPhone/iPad. This is very limited but allows both audio and video. Be sure your connectivity is good.
  • Email-Survey Monkey and Constant Contact are two good options for taking surveys on items of interest.  With the pandemic, email has been a very useful tool.
  • Teams – this is a Microsoft product (Office 365) that allows visual and audio meetings If all participants have Microsoft office accounts, this is included in the annual subscription, otherwise cost could be a factor.
  • Big Marker – This is a great solution for large groups. It allows the group leader to monitor the meeting and control video and audio.  There is a cost to the product, but it is a great tool, especially for non-profits.
  • Facebook Live – This solution works well for a meeting.  There is no cost to host this type of meeting, but it does require every participant to have Facebook profile account.
  • “Group text" for an informal meeting or some social time (down side is all must have a cell phone).
  • Zoom – This solution has proven to be very effective and enjoyable by the participants.  The service and be used for up to 100 participants for 40 minutes with no cost and offers various plants that are affordable.

Housekeeping Tips for Productive Meeting

  • Remind participants that the audience can see and hear everything going on.
  • Ask everyone to silence their cell phones.
  • Be engaged in the meeting (resist the urge to look at your phone).
  • Ask everyone to please respect the person speaking.  A good rule is no one speaks for 3 seconds after the last person stops speaking.
  • Consider asking everyone to mute and “raise their hand” with a comment/question
  • Utilize the chat function in a large group meeting.
  • Make it fun with a theme or project idea
  • Give plenty of notice with dial-in information
  • Be considerate of the time of the meeting to include most of your members.
  • Consider this type of meeting anytime to stay connected (even without a pandemic).  It might just make it convenient for new and current members.
  • Plan ahead for all members to have access – consider a Tech Buddy for those who need assistance.

This list is taken from GFWC Communications & Public Relations Committee Webinar (7/27/2020) handout.  Thank you for helping us better communicate with our members.

Please reach out Carol Waters, GFWC NH CPR Chair if you have any questions.

We look forward to bringing you more exciting ways to connect and communicate with your members and your communities!

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