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Arts & Culture Community Service Project

Sheila CaseySheila Casey
GFWC - NH  Co-Chairman

“Whoever loves much performs much, and accomplish much and whatever is done in love is done well!” Vincent Van Gogh.

With that said ..Sheila is excited to journey with Co-Chair Mary Ryan, Club Presidents and Chairman to bring forth Arts and Culture locally, statewide, nationally and internationally to enhance and inspire lives!

For over 40 years, Sheila has shared the love of GFWC sponsoring 100+ members and has served Salem Jr. WC, Salem Area WC and Jam Club Presidentially as well as many Award Winning Chairmanships and Committees in GFWC and beyond!

FYI: Beth Roth was the President of Salem Jr. Women’s Club when Sheila joined GFWC,  her mentorship played an instrumental role in her life and knows Beth will continue to inspire!


Mary RyanMary Ryan
GFWC - NH  Co-Chairman

Mary Ryan is the current President of the Exeter Area GFWC, and resides in Hampton, NH with her husband, Jack.

She is former educator, a retired accountant, a Justice of the Peace, and dabbles in jewelry making.

She is delighted to have been asked to serve on two committees on the GFWC NH Executive Board and is looking forward to all of the opportunities she has to serve this administration and her community.

Her hobbies include traveling, gathering with friends and family, and visiting local vineries here in NH and on their journeys.

From the International GFWC Club Manual on Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture One-Page HandoutClubs and states should take an active role in sponsorship, scholarship, production, direction, and performance in every aspect of all arts and from all cultures. Be proactive in the support of all forms of Art and Culture in your community; Theater, Music, Fine Art, Dance, Improvisation, Singing, Creative Writing, Photography, and Speech.

Click on the image below to view the GFWC Club manual, providing ideas and resources.