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Arts & Culture Community Service Project


The study of art and culture enriches the human experience.  Art education improves problem solving and critical thinking skills, builds focus and perseverance, and nurtures creativity, confidence, and collaboration.  Cultural awareness promotes effective communication and profoundly increases the ability to appreciate and enjoy a variety of new people and experiences. 

Arts Clipart Get Inspired with "Grassroots" Projects

  • Be creative-design and decorate a garden
  • Help building, paint and decorate a Little Free Library. 
  • Host an art supply drive within your club. 
  • Hold a recycled art contest for art projects made using recycled materials 
  • Work with your Chamber of Commerce and/or Tourist Commission to create a map of your community with pictures/drawing and descriptions of historic sites, monuments, and points of interest. 
  • Make homemade holiday cards for nursing home residents or Meals on Wheels recipients. 
  • Provide artwork and help decorating a reading nook at the library, a local laundromat, or other location in your community.
  • Donate books with an art theme to the public library, a school library, or a Little Free Library.
  • Donate seasonal and holiday themed coloring sheets for children at schools and libraries. 
  • Hold a "Chalk the Walk" contest for elementary school children on sidewalks in front of the municipal building, library, elementary school, or other public venue.  Choose a theme and have your club supply the chalk and ribbons for the winners.
  • "Hire" student jazz combos, string quartets, or even the whole band to perform at club events. 
  • Use an artistic event to raise funds to sponsor local community art and cultural programs. 
  • Feature art or art forms that are indicative of another culture at monthly club meetings -origami Faberge Eggs, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, Russian icons and others. 
  • Host an international diner party.  Choose a country or region as a theme.  Decorate and select the meal to fit the theme.  Learn about the culture by sharing facts about the area including food, music, lifestyle, etc. 
  • Volunteer at a school to teach a lesson from your cultural heritage to students.  Include information about the food of the culture and provide samples for the students to taste. 
  • Present a few interesting facts at club meetings to acquaint members to a variety of international, regional and local cultures. 
  • Study and compare pottery or fabrics from different areas of the United States and other countries.
  • And many more provided in Club Manual. 
(This list is a brief offering of project ideas.  Please visit Club Manual for other grassroots projects and/or programs as well as those with Affiliate Organizations or Resources.)

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