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club voting for administration 2020-2022

JAM Club Carol Waters July 2020. We voted on a new ballot on line as we are still keeping with COVID guidelines. Our treasurer, Linda Kipnes, decided to stay on . The GFWC NH President Elect Beth Roth and member of JAM will be our JAM President. Phyllis Appler will serve as JAM's Recording and Corresponding…

Fall Field State Meeting

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher Two members participated in making Vision boards during Fall Field.

GFWC NH State Meetings

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher Both members attended 4 state meetings. Two member attended Capital Region North and one member attended Seacoast District meeting. One member presented at Capital Region District meeting, updating members on Leadership Club happenings and speaking about Leadership Styles.
Two members…

Tea in Farmington

JAM Club Carol Waters
Donna, Nancy and Jeanne attended the Farmington club’s tea on Saturday. It was quite lovely . We were able to socialize with members and meet both the current and incoming President. They have been active in their community since 1910!

They were friendly and eager to…


Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters A recent member seemed to enjoy her time with us.
President Karen’s excellent "getting to know you activities" certainly helped make her feel welcome and Delores as well. This activity is done as we do role call. (7.75 hrs)

Survey Highlights:

Recruitment Campaign

JAM Club Carol Waters This chairman sent a letter out to all NH Club presidents and or CO-Presidents asking for the number of new members and their contact information. This happened By Sept. 1, December 1, March 1 and June 1. The clubs were also asked to supply the name of the member that recruited the new member. We…

president Carol Waters

JAM Club Carol Waters This president read over the membership reports from the other clubs . She judged the clubs work as directed by the GFWC NH VP. She wrote up reports and winners from NH to send to GFWC for judging nationally.

membership Chairman

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters A GFWC Bingo game was played at the April meeting as a social/icebreaker. Small Prizes were awarded.

50 th anniversary

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters

A member Ruthan Dagostino was an active member until her 40 yr membership. She then chose to be a honorary member ( no dues paid to club or GFWC NH) . We gave her a dish made with a portion of the club collect on the plate. . It was a customized 9 inch white serving plate with a…

membership Chairman

JAM Club Carol Waters The JAM club had 2 meetings this year. We reviewed the Bylaws.
We split up some jobs and one member offered to write a letter to prospective members with benefits of belonging. She presented it at our 1 st mtg and all approved.


JAM Club Carol Waters Donna Maskwa (Seacoast District Director) and I planned on attending a tea given by a non federated club in Farmington in the spring. We will give a booklet with GFWC NH info in it.
We are also going to try to set up a seperate meeting with this club for a later date. That 2nd meeting…


JAM Club Carol Waters Mary has been to Ashland and Lisbon in the last couple of weeks of April and May (7hrs) .

Book Club

GFWC Greenland Womens Club Barbara Fleming Our Club Book Club met 8 times during the year, with an average of 8 people in attendance.


Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters this member made a meal for a member receiving from knee surgery and also another member who was recovering from a car accident.

Seacoast District Meeting

GFWC Greenland Womens Club Barbara Fleming Our Club hosted the Seacoast District Meeting in October. We had guest speakers from Step-Up Parents and the Village to Village Network (aging in place support), and a member who chronicled the long struggle before women got the right to vote.

Walking Club

GFWC Greenland Womens Club Barbara Fleming For the second year, our Club organized a walking group that met weekly.


Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters the EAGFWC nominations committee sent an Evite out to all members 2/2019 to consider doing the EAGFWC Board .

2019 GFWC International Convention

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Dolores VanBlarcom What a wonderful dinner at GFWC Texas Lone Star Sate Night was exuberant with GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock addressing the assembly and the encouragement and words of First Lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott were inspiring.

Combining two clubs

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler For several years, the GFWC Hudson Junior Woman's Club and the GFWC Hudson Community Club had shared projects and members. Both clubs voted to become one club. In order to make that happen, the GFWC Hudson Junior Woman's Club voted to change its name to the GFWC Hudson Women's Club…


JAM Club Carol Waters 9/29 This chairman attended a meeting to talk about how we as GFWC NH can celebrate the 100th anniversary of a women's right to vote. Five GFWC NH members attended. (3 hrs)
Mary Ellen Brock came to NH to speak at our MidYear Meeting . When she arrived a member hosted a potluck…

Membership Pins

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy We give GFWC membership pins for years of membership. This year we had 6 members receive pins including two 65 year pins.

Floral gift to members in Nursing homes

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy 2 of our members were in nursing homes. We took flowers to them.

Christmas Party

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy Our party was held at the home of a member. 13 members and 5 guests attended.
After a brief business meeting we enjoyed Christmas music played by a violin duo, Artful Noise. Their honorarium was $200.

reciprocity Nov 19, 2019

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy OUr annual reciprocity was held with 14 members and 3 guests present. The speaker was a storyteller. Her honorarium was $100. Refreshments, provided by the members, were served.

Meeting at Wentworth Home

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy We met at the Wentworth Home on Sept 10 where one of out long time members now resides. We joined the residents to enjoy a music program. We made a donation of $100 for the homes activities fund.

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