General Federation of Women's Clubs New Hampshire


Concord North District Meeting

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher Two members attended Concord North District Meeting and participated in 1 hour of music and meditation with the Life Coach presenter.

*****category should be Presidents Signature Project which is not an option


NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher One member submitted reports to GFWC NH.

GFWC Massachusetts LEADS Seminar

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher One member presented at the Massachusetts LEADS seminar.

GFWC International Committees

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher One member is a member of GFWC Leadership Committee. She participated in meetings and newsletter submissions. She shared all information with the GFWC NH Leadership club. She also participated in and prepared for the GFWC LEADS at Convention 2019. She participated in the 2019 GFWC Convention…


NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher One member participated in NER LEADS seminar. Time was spent planning for the event and working with the NERC LEADS graduates.

Donations Committee

Exeter Area GFWC Karen Caldwell Reporting on behalf of the EAGFWC Treasurer, who acts as Chairman of the Donations Commitee: the committee met 6 times in 2019 to determine where budgeted funds would be donated. Areas of focus centered around Women's Health, the Opioid Crisis, and Animal Welfare. Committee members researched…

GFWC NH Leadership Club Meeting

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher GFWC NH Leadership club held 4 meetings. During these meetings by-laws and budget were created. Members discussed how they would go to their local meetings to share leadership with the club. We submitted 2 newsletter articles outlining how our members could assist clubs in all aspects of…

GFWC NH LEADS Presentation

NH Leadership Club Deb Provencher GFWC NH Leadership club sponsored a LEADS presentation. Information shared were leadership styles, body language and suggestions on how to bring leadership out in all members of the club. Dinner and socialization as well for networking and getting to know the members who attended. A fun…


JAM Club Carol Waters 14 meetings were attended by this member for NERC planning (45 hrs) with the committee, co-chairman and Director of functions at the hotel.

Club Woman of the Year

Candia Community Woman's Club Catherine Sangillo Each member votes on a club member that has shown encouragement and appreciation with great leadership skills. In 2019, Ann Tierno was honored as Club Woman of the Year for her consistent hard work for the Washington DC Essay Scholarship, Blood Drive, and more

N.E.Regional Conference Fund

Nashaway Women's Club Bobbie Knickerbacker $500 was contributed to the N.E. Regional Conference Fund.

Anne Marie House/New England Regional Conference Service Project/International President MaryEllen Brock Participated/$1,000 donation on behalf of GFWC-NERC

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Sheila Casey SWC came along side Leadership in coordinating AnneMarie House Service Project(s) for NERC.

25+ participants including International President MaryEllen Brock were greeted with hugs and handshakes by Matthew Hodgkiss Director of Anne Marie House Volunteerism and Operations and…

2019 GFWC International Convention

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Dolores VanBlarcom Salem Woman’s Club’s co-presidents Sheila Casey and Dolores VanBlarcom, along with SWC Parliamentarian, Beth Roth attended the 2019 GFWC International Convention in Austin Texas.
What an amazing experience, to be connected with so many wonderful women from all over the world.

EAGFWC Executive Board

Exeter Area GFWC Karen Caldwell The EAGFWC Executive Board consisting of President, 2 Co-Treasurers, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary met monthly for Board meetings and attended monthly club meetings from September through December 2019. In December our club holds a holiday party in lieu of a meeting, but a Board…

GFWC NH Leadership Club

Exeter Area GFWC Karen Caldwell This GFWC NH Leadership Club member attended a club meeting on 8/8/19.

State Fall Field Meeting Nov 2

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy 1 member attended

Seacoast District Meeting Oct 19

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy 2 members attended the district meeting.


Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen This clubwomen is the GFWC-NH Recording Secretary. In that role, my duties include the recording and distribution of the minutes at the Executive Board, Board of Directors and State Meetings.

Leadership: State, Regional, and National Meetings

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes Members attended district meetings, state meetings, regional meetings, and the International Convention. All GFWC meetings are publicized in the newsletter and at meetings, and members are always encouraged to attend all meetings. The club treasurer coordinates members’ registrations for state…

Leadership: GFWC-NH and New England Region Committees

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes Members have participated in the following positions and committees:
GFWC-NH President
GFWC-NH Conservation, Chairman
GFWC-NH Public Issues, Chairman
GFWC-NH Leadership Committee
GFWC-NH Budget Committee
GFWC-NH Resolutions Committee

Leadership: Development

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The club has had a flexible approach to the list of officers and what their duties will be. We have had Co-Presidents when members felt that was the best option for them, and different officers take responsibility for membership, leadership, and public relations activities, depending on their…


JAM Club Carol Waters This member was one of the Co-Chairmen for the 2019 NERC in Nashua in October. The conference was Fri-Sunday afternoon 10/3-6. ( 25 hrs) This Co-chairman answered many emails with the Nashua hotel's staff. ( 3 hrs) ( 38 NH women attended) .

Grant/Chasers Committee

Dover Women's Club Laura Otterson One GFWC Dover Area Woman's Club member was a member of GFWCNH Grants Committee .She did research on NH Racing and Commission and an initial draft of Grant.The Grant process was created following about six months of deliberation by the Executive Committee and Budget Committee. It was…

Leadership Opportunities: Club Officers

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes Club officers include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. Board meetings are held as needed and board members plus the Past President attend. The club has a Parliamentarian and an Auditor who audits the books every year. The club maintains a non-…

EAGFWC's 42nd Annual Yuletide Fair Raffle Co-Chair

Exeter Area GFWC MARTHA KIRSCH I acted as Co-Chair of the Exeter Area GFWC's 42nd Yuletide Fair (responsibilities included meeting with my Co-Chair prior to the event, organizing the Raffle, contacting potential donors, setting up and breaking down the day prior to and day of the Yuletide Fair, delivering prizes to winners…

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