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GFWC-NH Non-game wildlife

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler During the year, one member posted conservation items of interest on the GFWC-NH Facebook page. These included special events held by NH Audubon or NH Fish and Game, such as Discover Wild New Hampshire Day, available surveys and classes in which members could participate, such as the Audubon Bird…

Memorial Grove Cleanup

Brookline Women's Club Sarah Lewis Donated lifeguard supplies, cleaned up local beach & repainted supply shed for a weekend

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center and bats

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler While attending the GFWC International Convention in Austin, Texas, one member was able to visit the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. Three members attempted to view Austin's famous bat colony rising out from under the nearby bridge, and two succeeded in seeing bats.

Arbor Day

Nashaway Women's Club Bobbie Knickerbacker $20 was donated to the Arbor Day Foundation

Donation to the Humane Society

Nashaway Women's Club Bobbie Knickerbacker A donation of $200 was given to the Humane Society

State Fall Field Meeting

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy 50 pair of shoes were donated to Soles 4 Souls
A basket was donated to the state organization to be raffled. value: $35

Annual dinner meeting and speaker

Women's Club of Somersworth Susan McCoy Our speaker was a bee keeper who spoke on the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Conservation: Federation Day clothing donation

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The club collected and donated more than 5 large bags of used clothing as part of the Federation Day project to collect items for Savers. Members attending the Federation Day meeting took the bags and added them to bags collected from clubs all over the state.

Conservation: Agriculture Bag for Children's Room at the Library

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The club collected items to be part of an Agriculture Bag that will be available at the Children's Room at the Library. The bag contains books, games, recipes, and other activities related to agriculture and farming that children can check out from the library and enjoy and learn from at home…

Conservation: Support local bulb and plant sale

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The club bought bulbs and plants from the Hillsborough County Conservation District during their annual fall sale. These high quality bulbs and plants help support the conservation district and its programs.

Conservation: Butterfly Garden and Benson Park

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes We continued work on our prize-winning (2nd Place in the 2012 National Community Improvement Project competition) butterfly garden, now in its ninth season. We expanded the scope to include more of the approximately quarter-acre site where the main garden is, planted more ground cover, and again…

Conservation: Donations

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The club donated $50 to the National Parks Conservation Association, and $50 to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. The club also donated $50 to Camp Fatima in memory of one of our members who passed away.

Conservation: For the Birds

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes Several members reported spending hours feeding wild birds. Members did not report what they had spent on seed and other feeding products. The newsletter reminded members to remember their feathered friends, especially during the winter and also announced three bird watching events. The events…

Conservation: Household Hazardous Waste

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes The Nashua Regional Planning Commission sponsors hazardous waste collection days, where local residents can bring hazardous materials to do disposed of safely. There were multiple opportunities to bring items to these collection days; our newsletter brought this information to members. One member…

Conservation: Recycling

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes All members of our club participate in recycling to some degree, since recycling is a bi-weekly town-wide curbside event. Members reported spending time recycling designated paper, glass, plastic and metal. Several members take home cardboard, bottles and cans from their workplace to recycle at…

Conservation: Sustainability Committee

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Linda Kipnes One member serves the Town of Hudson as Vice Chairman of the Sustainability Committee. They have been working at assessing the energy use of the town and recommending ways to save energy and money. The Sustainability Committee also educates residents in ways they can reduce energy usage.

Soles for Souls

Exeter - Girls in Action - Juniorettes Kimberly Asacker Members collected gently used shoes for the EAGFWC .

Blue Ocean Society beach clean up.

Exeter - Girls in Action - Juniorettes Kimberly Asacker Members met at Jenness beach in Rye NH to take part in a beach clean up. Blue Ocean Society then takes all of the trash collected and analyses it to collect data that will help us have cleaner oceans.

Mt Washington

Women's Club of Concord Carolyn Stiles Dan Szczesny is an adventurer and author of travel books. For this event he focused on his experiences hiking Mt. Washington. During the event he showed slide pictures of his explorations and shared practical information about exploring Mt Washington and discussed his latest book on "The White…

The Green New Deal

Women's Club of Concord Carolyn Stiles Attorney Chuck Willing gave a talk about The Green New Deal as well as the efforts at the local, state and federal levels to transition our energy supply to renewables and combat climate change. On the local level he discussed Concord’s 100% renewable goal. Chuck works at Rath and Young law firm…

Arbor Day Grand Initiative/Trees/Plantings

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Sheila Casey SWC honored Mary Ellen Brock's Grand Initiative via 2 fold..a Hydrangea Tree was planted at Silverthorne Day Care Center engaging participants; as well as plant inspection and garden clean up at Salem Field of Dreams in which Salem Women's Club has an area they maintain.

Soles for Souls

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Dolores VanBlarcom Collected shoes for the Soles for Souls project. 95 used pairs and 55 new pairs were collected.

Fund Raiser: WCC Annual Yard Sale

Women's Club of Concord Carolyn Stiles The purpose of the fund raiser is to raise funds to address Chamberlin House needs and Club goals not other wise addressed in Budget lines. This year a portion of the proceeds was used to purchase an LCD projector ($220) that will be used during WCC community events. The remainder of the proceeds…

Town Beautification

GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent In the spring when the ground was thawed, we removed winter greens and berries to prepare for Spring planting at town hall, watering through and Rt 106 sign. Planting and watering and weeding through the summer months. 95 hours 6 members

In September cleaned the gardens and planted…

Highway Cleanup

GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent Spring Highway Cleanup was done on May 11th with 6 volunteers, 12 hours and 8 bags of trash
Fall Highway Cleanup was done on October 5th with 8 volunteers, 12 hours and 10 bags of trash

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