Founded and Organized by Lilian Carpenter Streeter
on the 24th of October 1895

To All Those Who Shared Her Labors
And Whose Imagination And Energy
Sent Roots Deep Into Our New Hampshire Life

Admitted to the General Federation of Women's Clubs
November 13, 1895
Incorporated, March 1933

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2016-2018 GFWC-NH Presidents Project

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 01:54

NH Inside Out

The theme for this year’s administration will be “New Hampshire Inside Out.”  What are some ways that we can encourage New Hampshire’s residents to move from inside to the great outdoors so that they can appreciate and enjoy those things that make New Hampshire such a wonderful place to live? Jeanne O’Sullivan will be President’s Project Chair, so she will also be sharing ideas with you.

Some projects are those that we can work on together.  We have found that we have a legacy from Bernice Stucker’s administration, money raised for her president’s project, the audio trail at the Seacoast Science Center.  The Seacoast Science Center can only spend that money on the audio trail, and we want to make it useful again.   So at our Fall Field Meeting on October 22, we will meet at the Center, revisit the audio trail, and find out how we will be able to bring it back to become a useful teaching tool that gets visitors outside the building to learn about the natural history and people of the area. 

In the spring, we hope to move Federation Day outside at the Heifer Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.  Sights and smells of the world of Heifer will connect us to Heifer families.

Within your own club, you can find ways to move people to the outside in many of our community service areas:

 Arts:  When you are outside, take pictures!  You will be all set when the photo contest rolls around at Midwinter Meeting!

Conservation:  Obvious!  Use the resources from our GFWC Partner, The Nature Generation, to encourage kids and adults to learn about nature.  Create a butterfly garden!  Donate books about nature to your schools. Maybe you could set up a geocaching site in a GFWC park or other place important to your club. Send a kid to camp!

Education:  Create Outdoor Learning Centers with your schools.  Help provide funding for field trips, or offer to chaperone if needed.

Home Life:  Start a walking group in your club! Build wheelchair accessible raised beds at your senior center or a local nursing home.  Maybe that nursing home could use some bird feeders, too! Learn about therapeutic horseback riding!

International Outreach: Help refugee families start or become involved in a community garden.  Teach a child from a place without snow how to enjoy all that white stuff!

Public Issues:  Help a veteran at the VA Hospital in Manchester enjoy the lilac gardens there in the spring.  Who planted them??—GFWC- New Hampshire.


Enjoy turning your club Inside Out!!

Phyllis Appler

President, GFWC-NH                                                                                                        


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GFWC-NH Admin for 2012-1014

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Monday, 28 July 2014 20:15

Past President

GFWC-NH President 2012-2014  is Carol Waters

Carol Waters


Women's Health: Breast and Uterine Cancer Awareness, Vaccine Information, American Heart Association and more...

Tina Smith, VP, is the chairman.



Carol Waters, GFWC-NH President 2012-2014 -summary of acceptance speech May 2012


Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” That could be the spirit of GFWC. 


This president chose Many Hands, One Heart, GFWC ,as her theme. 


We, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, are made up of many different women and have a variety of goals for our individual communities but we have a common heart, our membership with GFWC


I have chosen Women's Health Awareness as my President's Project. So anything that has to do with women's health, and children's health (because happy , healthy babies=Happy mommas and grandmas).

Some of the Women's Health projects are in the Homelife Program like: Osteoporosis Awareness, American Heart Assoc; Red Dress Project, Uterine Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness, Vaccine awareness for adult women and more. But there are also some in International Partnerships, i.e. the new partner shot@life a United Nations Program  and  IMED. 

Our chairman  will literally gather the information from the other programs and service areas. This project will be a win for NH women with all this increased awareness of healthy living.


Membership  is always an area of emphasis in NH. We have Deb Provencher of Pembroke as membership chairman and  Nancy Greenberg, our immediate Past President and  Denise Raisnanen  the Immediate Past Junior Director serving as her committee members.  I’d like to see the Membership chair man from each District be involved with the core membership committee. 


I’m hoping that GFWC-NH clubs will see the many benefits of belonging to GFWC and  work to promote membership advancement in their club. 


This president is planning meetings, hope to visit clubs, attending anniversary celebrations, answering questions and is so glad for email!

Can you imagine doing all this by  typewriter, letters or telephone? 


One of the  major activities  we are planning is to host the NERC in 2013. This is an opportunity to showcase our beautiful state and it’s GFWC members. The meeting will be at the Ashworth By The Sea in Hampston Beach NH. This president hopes we can build GFWC energy and pride and extend that to those attending from the other New England States. 



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2012-2014 Executive Board   
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2010-2012 Administration

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 17:34

The theme of
GFWC-NH President  Nancy Greenberg
for her  administration was
 "The heart of GFWC - Reaching out to children."


Pictured below is the 2010-2012 GFWC-NH Executive Board and GFWC-NH Junior Executive Board.



2011-2013 GFWC-NH Executive Board and Junior Board


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Nancy Greenberg Describes 2010-2012 Administration Theme