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Communication and Public Relations

Getting the word out

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler The GFWC Hudson Women's Club has a Facebook page, maintained by two members. The club has a website linked to the GFWC-NH website, and posts club events on that page as well as on the Facebook page. The Corresponding Secretary creates a newsletter each month and emails it to all members.

Snail mail expenses

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler The club pays for a post office box and occasionally buys stamps.

Scott Spradling talk

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler Members attending the virtual Fall Field meeting heard Scott Spradlin speak on promoting Club identity

Zoom and other meetings

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler The Club met in person at the Rodgers Library until March. We then purchased a three month Zoom membership for $45, which we thought was surely enough to get us through the pandemic! By summer, when a $99 one year membership in Zoom was offered, we took it, and are still meeting via zoom. The…

Utilize services of Scott Spradling, PR Firm.

GFWC New Hampshire Carol Waters Last year when we met with Scott Sprawling, PR . We spoke about an ongoing proposal to enhance branding and CPR that would lead us to become” the women’s voice of NH”- We need to get our CPR committee together to decide how we want to work with him. We decided to have him help with Suffragist…


Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters 2/2020: This member read GFWC NH CPR reports and wrote state report for GFWC NH

GFWC NH Fall Field Meeting

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters Carol Waters, heard Scott Spradling speak about CPR and Membership, a dynamic speaker.

Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce Membership

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler With the help of a new club member who is an active member of the Hudson Chamber of Commerce, the GFWC Hudson Women's Club joined the Hudson Chamber. They have been helpful in getting the word out about our events.

Meeting with Scott Sprawling, Public Relations 8/13/20

GFWC New Hampshire Carol Waters Carol Waters and Nancy Greenberg met with Scott Sprawling . We discussed how we can utilize his services for CPR and Membership. We made sure he would connect with Lori Jasper coordinator for the Suffragists Celebration in Concord in August.

Met with past GFWC NH Facebook designer

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters Carol Waters, EAGFWC, CPR Chairman met with past Facebook designer, Lynne Apt on ZOOM to review how to add and edit information to the GFWC NH Facebook Page

GFWC NH Newsletter submission

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters 2 articles were written for NH Newsletter.

Luminaria Santa Visits

Hollis Woman's Club Betsy Cotton The Santa visit was moved online with families signing up for visiting with Santa. Santa was able to spend time on each visit allowing the formation of more Goodwill in Hollis's virtual space. Especially noted the technical, logistical and scheduling help from Hollis Club Communications Chair.

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Standing Banner

GFWC Hudson Women's Club Phyllis Appler The club purchased a stand up banner which was displayed at events such as bake sales at town deliberative sessions, rabies clinic, and voter registration day, as well as next to the display on Women's History at the library.

Monthly Newsletter

GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent Monthly newsletters are prepared and emailed to our members making sure they are aware of what is happening and coming up. Reminders are also emailed.


GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent 2/11/20 Bone Builders Program by Nancy Despres showing us some exercises. 13 members
3/10/20 Museware Pottery by Sheree Burlington 20 members and 2 guest
10/13/20 Audubon Society by Dr. Pamela Hunt speaking to us about dragon and damsel flies 19 members and 1 guest…

Chamber of Commerce Women's Circle

Exeter Area GFWC Carol Waters On 1/15/20 One Chamber of Commerce Women's circle meetings was attended by1 member. This allows the opportunity to have EAGFWC club members to discuss COC women to join EAGFWC. It is held at the Sea Dawg Restaurant hosted by the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce.


GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent 50 American flags were hung on utility poles along Pembroke Street (NH Route 3) in Pembroke from Memorial Day to the end of summer or Old Home Day. This project is designed to foster civic pride in those who pass by and to declare our support for the military and Veterans. The town assists in…

Santa is Coming to Town

GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent Members of the Pembroke Woman's Club assisted the Pembroke Fire Department with the publicity of the Fire Engine Ladder going through Pembroke with Santa. The route was distributed so parents would be aware when Santa was coming to their neighborhood.

Halloween Drive thru Trick or Treat

GFWC Pembroke Women's Club Georgette Kent Members of the Pembroke Woman's Club worked with the Pembroke Library on this event. They assisted packing treat bags on October 26th and giving out treat bags at the drive thru on October 31st in costume

News and Notes

GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club Laura Otterson GFWC Dover Area Woman's Club received GFWC News and Notes .The Club Co-President shared the Newsletter with Club members via email. Its a great way to keep up to date on all GFWC News. Members were encouraged to sign up to receive the Newsletter.


GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club Laura Otterson GFWC Dover Area Woman's Club members updated Facebook including postings of photos,events, club meetings ,information and volunteer opportunities .We also shared GFWC-NH news and postings and GFWC News and Notes. Facebook was especially useful during Covid restrictions when members were not…

GFWC-NH Newsletter

GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club Laura Otterson One GFWC Dover Area Woman's Club member works on the GFWC-NH Newsletter.She compiles the reporting of clubs, committees, administration news, events and other GFWC news.


GFWC New Hampshire Denise Raisanen The GFWC NH continues to update and develop it's website to be informative, inviting and user friendly. This includes the unique GFWC electronic reporting system. Updates were made to reflect the change in the GFWC Community Service Programs 2020-22.

Communication to State Clubwomen

GFWC New Hampshire Denise Raisanen Budgeted funds were used to communicate with it's members. Mail chimp, a subscription, electronic email system was used to share the state newsletter and other communications.

Flyers for Town Mailer

Candia Community Woman's Club CCWC Members CCWC submitted two flyers in the Town of Candia mailers. One flyer was for bringing awareness to the Crisis Text Line that supports people in distress, prevention, and crisis resources 24/7. The other flyer was to inform the Town of Candia about all the wonderful projects that we are involved in…

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