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Woman’s Club of Concord

Christy Dolat-Bartlett, President

[email protected]

Updated Information on Shea Farm donations:

You may know that the Woman’s Club of Concord has donated warm items to Shea Farm for years. This is the half-way house where women live who are at the end of their prison sentence and will be leaving the State Prison. As part of the parole process, these women must find jobs and the house is in a rural part of Concord with no public transportation.

These women walk long distances as a taxi ride is quite expensive. Some of them have bikes for the warmer months, but mostly they walk. These women are almost all mothers and want to make changes in their lives. Most of them will be back in our communities after serving their sentences and we want them to be successful.

Our Club delivered hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and warm socks the week before Christmas. Thanks to the Hudson Club who donated two big bags of beautifully handmade scarves and hats!

In January 49 bras were also delivered to the GFWC-NH via Mary McGahan!

Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful group of caring women!

Nadine accepting the LCHIP Award for Chamberlin House on behalf of the many hands that have gone into its preservation. Pictured: Governor Chris Sununu, Nadine Miller, WCC Secretary, LCHIP Board President Benjamin Wilcox and LCHIP Executive Director Paula Bellemore. This is the third LCHIP grant that the WCC has received. We are very appreciative of LCHIP’s overall $134,000 investment in our historic Chamberlin House


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