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GFWC Greenland Womens Club Barbara Fleming Donation to PID for their work in Haiti building housing and providing medical care to communities still devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

Dress a Girl Around the World

GFWC Greenland Womens Club Barbara Fleming Club members collected material for dresses to be made to Dress A Girl Around the World, a NGO which provides dresses to girls in 3rd world countries. Each dress bears a label, which would signal that the girl had received it from a caring agency which could potentially ward off predators.

International Dinner

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Dolores VanBlarcom Ten members of the Salem Woman's Club participated in an International Dinner held at Trimphant Cross Lutheran Church, were international cuisine from 7 different countries. One member participated with preparing food from their native country.

Operation Christmas Child - Shoe box collection

Salem Area Woman's Club-GFWC New Hampshire Dolores VanBlarcom Salem Woman's Club members collected items for Operation Christ Child Shoe boxes which were donated through Samaritans Purse throughout the world.

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