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Community Service Programs

Chocolate Bunnies

Candia Community Woman's Club CCWC Members Sold Chocolate Bunnies to benefit Salvation Army Kid Cafe

Junior Special Project Advocates for Children

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen Club women turned in used ink carriages for Staples credit. Funds were used to purchase backpacks for End 68 Hours of Hunger.

Advocates forChildren

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen Baby hats that had been collected from GFWC NH clubs where donated to the local hospital's nursery. One hundred red hats and purple hats were donated in time for Christmas.

Advocates forChildren

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen Inspired by the Seven Grand Initiatives the Exeter Area GFWC donated 18 Dr Suess books to the area Head Start. The staff were appreciative and the children excited to get a book of their own.

Advocates for Children-WINGS

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen Advocates for Children-WINGS project
This project started as a Club President’s project twelve years ago. The focus is to help a family with the extras that they could not afford. This year’s family is a two parent household with a 2 year boy with development delays.
This family…

Advocates for Children-Good Night Bags

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen This project involved purchasing fleece material, children books, a stuffed animal and pillow cases. A workshop was held to cut and hand tie the fleece blankets and assemble the bags. Eight clubwomen cut and knotted the edges of the fleece. The twelve bags were then donated to Seacoast Family…

Advocates for Children

Exeter Area GFWC Denise Raisanen A call came from the Exeter End 68 Hours of Hunger to help shelve their donations collected by the High School during Halloween. Club members and a spouse were asked to check expiration dates, sort and shelve about 100 bags for canned goods.
This organization, End 68 Hours of Hunger,…

State Photography Contest

GFWC Concord Contemporary Club Mary McGahan One member submitted three photo's for the GFWC photo contest and won to ribbons.

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