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The GFWC Hudson Women’s Club met Lucy Stone and the Antebellum World of the Abolition and Woman's Rights Movements on Wednesday, June 5. In this first-person interpretive program, Judith Black introduced American Lucy Stone, the first woman hired by the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society as a public speaker and the "Shining Star" of the Abolition and Women's Rights Movements. New Hampshire Humanities provided a grant to help bring this presentation to Hudson. The public was invited to attend this event, and about twenty-one community members took advantage of the program, which had been advertised in the Rivier Institute of Senior Education (RISE) weekly calendar. We had another opportunity to meet Lucy Stone at the New England Region Conference in November. The NH Humanities Council provided another grant. At that meeting, five members also heard about the Suffragist Turning Point Memorial from GFWC President Mary Ellen Brock. The club donated $100 to that memorial through GFWC-NH. Three members attended Orientation for the 2020 GFWC Administration. They heard Rebecca Boggs Roberts speak about her book, Suffragists in Washington, D.C.
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