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Unity in Diversity

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is proudly represented in thousands of communities around the world by dedicated volunteers who work to better the lives of others, make cities and towns better places to live, and extend the hand of friendship to those near and far. We are individuals of diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds united by a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

GFWC offers a network of support for 80,000 clubwomen who volunteer on a local, state, national, and international level. Working together, we constitute a powerful, service-oriented organization that encourages volunteerism through training and coaching, leadership opportunities, personal enrichment, and many other benefits. Various GFWC resources, from members-only materials to legislative alerts, support individuals and clubs in their volunteer efforts.

The many benefits of belonging to GFWC include:

  • STRENGTH IN UNITY. GFWC members strengthen their voice in shaping public issues and policy through the combined efforts of women serving in their club, District, State Federation, Region, or at the national level.
  • SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT. GFWC offers members a network of women with similar interests and concerns. Fun, fellowship, and lasting friendships are a large part of the GFWC experience.
  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Knowledge and experience acquired through GFWC volunteer training and community service can enhance a personal resume and open the door to new career or personal opportunities. Or, prompt new academic pursuits and success in a wide variety of fields.
  • A VARIED VOLUNTEER MENU. GFWC offers many national resources to help clubs plan and create community service projects in the diverse areas of Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement and Outreach, Education and Libraries, Environment, and Health and Wellness. GFWC also supports Special Programs that advance Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention and encourages members to become Advocates for Children.
  • HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. Studies show that the personal satisfaction that comes from making a positive difference helps volunteers live longer, function better, suffer fewer ills, and enjoy life to the fullest.

2020–2022 INITIATIVE

Motivational Monday—At the start of each week write a note, send an email, or post a comment on social media using #IAmGFWC to recognize a clubwoman who has done something remarkable, such as chaired a successful project, shared a great idea, organized a meal for a sick member, provided encouragement when someone needed a boost, or has just been their usual terrific self. Be mindful of the many benefits we all receive from our membership and value the work that others do to make things go smoothly. Give a pat on the back on Motivational Monday and let others know you noticed!


The more you TELL, the more you SELL, so tell the benefits of GFWC membership whenever you can. Assure a prospective member that her experience will be rewarding, challenging, and stimulating. Bring GFWC and club promotional materials to all projects and events. Promote membership by wearing GFWC emblematic apparel, pins, and buttons.


An “elevator speech” is a brief personal statement about something that is meaningful to you, which can be presented in 30 seconds—about the length of the average elevator ride. Chance encounters at grocery stores, coffee shops, community events, and social gatherings are often great opportunities to share your enthusiasm for GFWC with a potential member, but you must be

prepared. Even when more time is available, boiling down your passion for GFWC into just a sentence or two is a great way to discern and recognize the value of your membership


  • I am a member of GFWC—the General Federation of Women’s Clubs—a long-standing and productive women’s volunteer organization. We are committed to bettering our local communities and those around the world, and we work to improve the lives of women and their families. GFWC volunteers get a lot of joy from working together and helping others. Here, let me give you one of my cards. Call me, I would love to tell you more and invite you to get involved in some of our projects.
  • GFWC was one of the first volunteer organizations founded by women, and we continue to serve individuals and communities through a wide variety of service projects. Our current national emphasis is Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention. Would you like to learn more? Let me have your number so I can invite you to our next meeting.
  • Thanks for asking about my pin! GFWC is a sisterhood of women in clubs across the country who support their communities and like to help others. We have a good time doing it, too. Would you like to come to our next lunch and learn? We will be discussing local gardens, the importance of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, and their role in healthy, vibrant gardens.


Recruitment is a year-round process and the campaigns and reporting of new members reflect this fact. A club that recruits three new members during each season will end the year with 12 new members! Clubs can plan creative membership recruitment campaigns and events around the many national awareness issues and commemoration days that are aligned with GFWC Special Programs and Community Service Programs. The possibilities are endless when we look for diversity.

 "JAM"(Just A Membership) Club and the membership committee are wiling help with ideas including the following:










(This list is a brief offering of ideas.  Please visit Club Manual for other ideas and/or programs to grow your membership.)

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