General Federation of Women's Clubs New Hampshire

Executive Committee

Jeanne O'Sullivan
Jeanne O'Sullivan
GFWC-NH President
               Beth Roth
GFWC-NH President Elect
          Denise Raisanen
GFWC NH Vice President
   Nancy Greenberg
   Recording Secretary


             Joan Prue
Pam Conray
          Pam Conary
   GFWC-NH Treasurer
      Laura Otterson
Corresponding Secretary
Jeanne O'Sullivan, GFWC-NH President [email protected]
Beth Roth, GFWC-NH President Elect  
Denise Raisanen, GFWC-NH Vice President  
Nancy Greenberg, GFWC-NH Recording Secretary  
Pam Conary, GFWC-NH Treasurer
Laura Otterson, GFWC-NH Corresponding Secretary  
Joan Prue, GFWC-NH Parliamentarian    


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