General Federation of Women's Clubs New Hampshire

New England Conference

New England Conference sign up directions. 

Last day to sign up is Wednesday, October 14th. 

Login to the Member Portal at GFWC:
You as a GFWC Member need to set up an account by registering with your email
and create a password.
On the GFWC website, click “Login to the New Members-only
Portal” or click the following link:
The GFWC Club Manual:
Exclusively available in the GFWC Member Portal.
How to find the GFWC Club Manual in the Member-Portal:
Log in to GFWC Member Portal:
1. On the top right-hand corner select your profile icon
2. Select "My Digital Libraries" from drop down options
3. Select "Resources"
Select the relevant document or folder
If you have trouble signing into the portal, call 202.443.4392 or email GFWC Headquarters

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Have you been informed of the various things our many devoted club chairman are sharing with us? Make sure to check for items available to Club Presidents at state meetings. If you have any questions about a program or advancement guide, contact the State Chairman responsible and they will help you.

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